Monday, July 25, 2011

What you do in private really counts !

One day, my husband went to the supermarket to buy some groceries. He walked up to the cashier later to pay for the goods he picked up on the trolley. After paying for the goods he walked and drove home. My husband discovered that the cashier forgot or rather carelessly overlooked to punch the price of a bottle of honey which cost RM8.90. Initially, he hesitated whether he should go back to the supermarket to inform the cashier about it. Free honey, who can resist the temptation! He made up his mind on the same day. After al, it was only a small sum! Busyness kept him away and he almost forgot about the honey until my mother in law asked him to buy a black sauce. He remembered and took the opportunity to inform the supervisor on duty in the supermarket about the honey. My husband felt good about this and guess what, the supermarket rewarded him with free bottle of orange juice for his action! My husband could have easily kept the bottle of honey and enjoyed it for free, but instead he displayed integrity that no amount of money can buy.

Author : Madam Low Kwi Noi


  1. Appreciate his act of truthfulness.

  2. wonderful ! happens with most of us but how many of us show integrity and moral values ?

    Nice share !